Tickety Boo Press Ltd presents...

MAGIC, Metal and Steam

Tickety Boo Press presents: Alchemists and natural philosophers, clockwork and automatons, secret societies and more.

The Fourth Reich - Head of the Snake

Freddy Bartlett gets sucked into the biggest conspiracy the world has ever known

SPACE - Houston we Have a Problem

A collection of stories all having the line, "Houston we have a problem."

Indigo Heartfire - A Heartfire Novel

A fae, whimsical, love story.

Malevolence - Tales from Beyond the Veil

A fabulous collection of ghost stories from Jo Zebedee, Susan Boulton, Jeff Richards, Bob Lock and many, many more.

Goblin Moon by Teresa Edgerton.

When the Goblin Moon rises ... coffins float down the river, hobgoblins emerge from their dens. A swashbuckling tale of sorcery, alchemy, secrets, and vengeance.

After Midnight by Joseph Rubas

Enter Joseph Rubas' world of darkness and fear, a dim, shadowy netherworld just beyond the veil, just past the threshold, just "After Midnight." A Tickety Boo tale of terror.

Malevolence - Tales Beyond the Veil

Malevolence - Tales from Beyond the Veil will prick the hairs on the back of your neck. Terrifyingly good stories from Ian Whates, Bob Lock, Toby Frost, Stephen Palmer and more.

Indigo Heartfire

A fae, whimsical, love story, Indigo Heartfire tells the story of hope, and the triumph of love against the odds.