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Jo“ABENDAU’S HEIR is the first in a trilogy by Jo Zebedee. It follows the story of Kare, the son of a ruthless Empress who has been chosen to lead after her, and his struggle to escape her clutches and bring freedom to the empire. This is a hard-hitting novel that pulls no punches when looking at the consequences of putting your head above the parapet and standing up to a dictator. Kare’s character is developed in psychological detail from childhood to freedom fighter, with a well-drawn cast of back-up characters behind him. The writing style is clear and concise, with little in the way of purple prose, and the story takes the familiar SF path of good vs evil, but with believable, rounded characters on both sides.

This book could function as a standalone, with a sufficiently satisfying end, but it raises enough questions for a series. I’m looking forward to the next.”

SUNSET OVER ABENDAU – “First off, I loved the first book of the Inheritance Trilogy, Abendau’s Heir. It was one of my favorite books of last year, but this book just raised the level so high, that I have no idea how Zebedee will top it! Where Heir builds up the story, the history, the struggle, spanning over a few decades, Sunset flashes forward to ten years after Heir’s events. The book takes place at a monumental time in the Empire’s history, and all happens over the course of a few days. Zebedee’s writing is so good, and I loved how there was a balance to her first book, which has been called grimdark space opera. This one touched on some of those themes but left us with hope, and isn’t that what it’s all about?”

Space – The Zeborian Singularity…

So the first of the Space books: Space – Houston We Have a Problem is in the bag. The last batch of stories will be read by next week and authors will be notified.

So what next – good point?

Space – The Zeborian Singularity.

Premise is:

“In 1947 an alien craft crash-landed on Earth and the spaceship and its occupants were quickly taken to Area 51. Sadly, the aliens died but not before revealing who they were and what they stood for.

Over the next forty years NASA engineers back-engineered a device found onboard.

On January 28, 1986 the system was loaded onto the Shuttle Challenger and would be tested in space by the crew. The experiment was highly classified.

Sadly, the unconnected explosion activated the Zeborian Matrix and a singularity close to Earth formed. The wormhole provided an easy and quick way to move across galaxies and find new worlds but also it made it more accessible for Alien races to visit and possibly attack Earth.”

So once your ship either goes through the singularity or a ship comes to Earth – your story can start from there. No lines to include in this one.

Submissions to

Deadline October 16th 2016, length 2-5K

Space - Cover-final-ebook

Roswell – Area 51 Revealed

RoswellRecord3Been a very stressful day.

So what better than to put me in a better frame of mind than a new anthology.

The title of what I am hoping will be an awesome read will be Roswell – Area 51 Revealed.

I am looking for stories with a Roswell connection. It can be the Roswell incident itself or events after the crash at Area 51 with captured aliens or devices recovered from the site that can open up new worlds, whatever you can come up with.

Any questions about the suitability of your story please fire them over.

Deadline for the stories is 31st July 2016 and we are looking fro 2-5K

This is a paid for anthology and the cover art will be done by the award winning legend that is Jim Burns

Send stories or questions to

Tarquin Jenkins and the Book of Dreams

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00002]Why Write A Book?

A question I’ve been asked a dozen times lately, so here you are, the reason why…

Twelve years ago, while sitting on the early morning Virgin train to Euston, London from Milton Keynes, I watched my fellow passengers either sleep through the hour-long journey or stare wistfully out of the window. This journey was to be my life for the foreseeable future – I had to do something. And so was born, Tarquin Jenkins and the Book of Dreams, a madcap, rip-roaring romp through history, time, transportation, and the known galaxies.

The blurb…

ALL TARQUIN JENKINS WANTED TO DO, was travel through space and time, solve some of the Universe’s more pressing problems, and lay hands on the Nerydire Book of Dreams.

UNFORTUNATELY, nobody told him about the bloodsucking Leche, the leprechauns, the other leprechauns, the killer androids, the extremely rude waitress, Nostradamus, Leonardo da Vinci, the malfunctioning toaster, the Zargothian legal system, the Bloated Shagganat nightclub, the psychopathic Griddleback hordes, and a flame- haired, one-eyed space pirate called Georgia Blade

Tarquin’s life became a little complicated.

I am a 60s baby. I grew up with Monty Python, Star Trek, Dr Who, Hai Karate aftershave adverts, the Goodies, Clint Eastwood and wrestling on a Saturday afternoon. I was lucky enough to be in the studio audience for the recording of a Fawlty Towers episode. With so many influences, It was clear to me the sort of book this would be. At the time, we were living in a quintessential village in the middle of England (Little Britain?) So, couple this with a love of history and a pythonesque sense of the ridiculous, the book would be funny, involve time travel, chairs, caravans, narrowboats, cookery and needlework books, the British Foreign Office (I retired from their employ in 2011), and very small people. Oh, and aliens, lots of them, both good and bad.

I sent my first chapter off to one of those pay for review sites in the UK. In return I got an in depth analysis with strong, critical words of advice. The reviewer was John Grant, also known as Paul Barnett. ( Eleven years later, I am very proud to say that Paul edited the final manuscript. I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that without his guidance, Scottish wit, perseverance, and passion for cricket, Tarquin Jenkins would still be languishing on my laptop…That sounds funny (GQ model…), but you know what I mean.

In the early days of writing I would submit pieces to members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Chronicles website ( This proved invaluable, and I learned so much from their experiences and comments. It is still a website I frequent, and I often look for views on ideas for the second book in the series now underway.

I had decided many months ago that I would self publish the book. I felt that it was a niche book, and though appealing to readers from 12+, I just couldn’t see a publisher taking a chance. I am glad I went this route. Despite the sharp curve in learning, I found a good ebook formatter and a printer. Initially, I’ve had 100 paperbacks made for promotional purposes. Some have gone to bloggers and reviewers, others to friends with teenagers. A Goodreads giveaway has just ended, and a further 10 will be given to local libraries here in Montreal, where I now live with my Canadian wife and our 14 year old son.
Book two is underway, and promises to be as madcap and wacky as book one…

The draft blurb…

After his gruesome death in 2015, Tarquin Seebohm Jenkins can now get back to studying the Book of Dreams, and joining the search for Nostradamus and Leonardo Da Vinci, and the amulet they stole. Trouble is, every Tom, Dick and alien are preparing to do the same…

I hope you enjoy reading the book.

If you would consider writing a review of the book, I am happy to offer free ebooks for a limited time (From now to June 20 2016). Just email me at;

Tarquin Jenkins and the Book of Dreams is available at;
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You can find further information about Tarquin Jenkins here:


Good News and Bad News…

Distant Horizon-2Acquiring editor of our Distant Horizon imprint steps down.

Jeff is currently working with an agent to produce a series of Crime Thrillers, and regrettably (though understandably) he needs to devote his time to his writing, and feels it would be unfair to TicketyBoo Press and its writers to try to continue as Editor for the SciFi imprint.

News on a new editor will follow as soon as possible. We wish Jeff every success with his writing, and look forward to seeing him in print. He has been a great asset and friend and we all wish him well.”