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The Ramblings of Aty S Behsam…

I just watched this. Aty is the artist and contributor for Malevolence – Tales from Beyond the Veil. She lives in Tehran and is an amazingly talented young woman.

Who says Iran is our enemy? Take it from me the only enemy is the Homosapien idiotic males who have egos bigger than Everest.

Of course that rules me out as I am in touch with my feminine side. Have a watch and enjoy. Check out Aty at her website.

Cover Art for Malevelonce…

It’s Saturday night and I’m so excited. Not because I have my dancing shoes on or a very expensive bottle of wine ready to open. It’s because I’ve received three versions of the cover-art of this upcoming anthology.

The artist is Aty S Behsam from Iran. She’s given me three version with different atmospheres. I have a preference but what do you think?

Here’s the other two other versions. Feel free to comment.