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New Cover for Teresa Edgerton’s Goblin Moon

Exciting times ahead. We have signed Teresa Edgerton in a two book deal and we’re going to re-publish her hugely successful Goblin Moon and the Gnome’s Engine; the latter being renamed Hobgoblin Night but with the added bonus of some short stories.

So as a consequence, it’s been busy busy busy in the Tickety Boo art department. Our creative elves have come up with a fantastic new cover for Goblin Moon. To save me rambling on and boring you too much; I’ll let the picture tell you what a thousand words couldn’t.

Who says that bookstores are a thing of the past?

So we have been busy building our on-line store in readiness for our first book release. I have always planned a physical bookshop as well and ours will look onto the “Big River,” the amazing and historic River Tyne .

Our wonderful establishment will be within the Fish Quay Fair at North Shields, Newcastle and will sell our books, t-shirts, framed covers, merchandise and titles from other presses and all the books you’d expect in a busy little shop.

Currently 1500 customers a week look round the fair and we are confident this will help our push for sales. The Fish Quay Fair is situated on a busy metropolitan street with many restaurants, cafes and fresh fish shops. The street runs 20 yards parallel to the river and is an amazing setting. On a summers day you can’t move for customers.

This is what it will look like. Note the covers in the window.

New Collection from Joseph Rubas – After Midnight

Coming soon from Tickety Boo Press our first anthology from a lone author.

Joseph Rubas is an American horror writer. His stories put me on edge and in some cases sent shivers down my spine; certainly the collection was entertainment at its best! After Midnight includes tales of terror, crime, and the supernatural; all from a masterful wordsmith.


“Enter a world of darkness and fear, a dim, shadowy netherworld just beyond the veil, just past the threshold, just After Midnight.”

Release date April 2014