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Oracle by Susan Boulton…

OracleSusan Boulton’s new novel, Oracle is ready to go.

I have just received quotes from the writing legends that are, Ian Whates and Kim Lakin-Smith.

“Steam power is king in Susan Boulton’s compelling novel, a helter-skelter ride of intrigue and wonder set against a vividly imagined world in the throes of great social and industrial upheaval. Fully realised characters, twists, thrilling narrative, and a touch of the divine: I challenge anyone who picks up Oracle to put it down again without having read all the way through to the end.” – Ian Whates

“Susan Boulton is an empress of Gaslight Fantasy. Her debut novel, Oracle, weaves a rich damask of political intrigue and power wrangling, seers and science, industrial revolutions and grand engines, elegant design and a whole head of steam.” – Kim Lakin-Smith.

Can’t ague with any of that! Thank you guys. 🙂

Thanks to the editorial team, Teresa Edgerton and Sam Primeau – you did an amazing job!

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