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Carolyn Hill is on a blog tour…

Carolyn Hill is on tour.


In a dystopian future, a healer and a shapechanger join forces against a ruthless alliance of powerful families.

Aleta Graham is a healer and empath, abilities that make her a useful pawn for the Dagarro family, who have addicted her to the drug known as Sand in order to keep her submissive. But Aleta is determined to overcome the influence of the drug, and make a desperate bid for freedom — even knowing that the penalty for disloyalty to the family is death.

Riven is a shapechanger, a computer genius, a spy sent by the government to destroy the power of the Dagarro. By taking on multiple identities he becomes at once Aleta’s dearest friend and most feared enemy. But in growing closer to Aleta, Riven imperils her, himself, and his mission.

“Far-future space opera with roots in today’s political issues, with a hefty dose of dark romance, make this a compelling page turner.” — Sherwood Smith, author of the Exordium series.

“Carolyn Hill’s Beneath the Skin features complex characterization and fine writing. A compelling read.” —NY Times bestselling writer Susan Krinard.

“An engaging sf world framing a central romance, Hill will draw you in, keep you on the edge of your seat and deliver an exciting ending.” — Jo Zebedee, author of the Abendau series and Inish Carraig.

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