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Aliens – The Truth is Coming: Contributor Spotlight: Tim James

tim-james-bio-picAliens: The Truth is Coming will be published tomorrow, and these posts served as introductions to the authors who’s stories feature in the anthology. Last, but certainly not least, we have Tim James, and his tale, “Here“.

Here” is a tale about looking beyond our small planet, about a father and son’s relationship, and about that which may be glaringly obvious yet still unknown and undiscovered.

Tim James is someone who has dabbled in writing for the better part of his life, although he has never really committed himself outside of short stories – although like many writers he has a number of dust smothered manuscripts tucked under the bed. Throughout the 90’s he wrote (and drew) comic strips for the British Small Press and had a number of short stories published in various online publications.

More recently he has been writing the odd short story (and not finishing many) as life and work get in the way. He currently lives in Devon with his wife and two boys. And cat. And two rabbits, while working in the 150-year-old family business as a Funeral Director.


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