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The Blyth Times

As well as our books, the SpectralBoo Zine we will be publishing a quarterly online magazine. The Blyth Times will be a positive look at the town and the surrounding areas. We will have history, culture, short stories about Blyth Valley, poetry and local art.

Also focus on local businesses, community news and charities who all contribute so much to the area, there will be football news, sport and much much more.

Most of the stories will be positive but my blog and Barry Elliot’s column will involve focusing on the way current politicians have conducted themselves over twenty years, their achievements and their failures.

SpectralBoo Zine

SpectralBoo Zine is a collaboration between the award winning Spectral Press and Tickety Boo Press Ltd.

As well as a short story competition, there will be poetry, reviews, SFF news, Vintage Genre Films, interviews with the great and the good. Columns by James Scott Marryat, Aty on Art, and the Judge will be laying down her writing law.

Both Simon Marshall Jones of Spectral and Gary Compton are said to be very excited about this opportunity.

The Zine willl be published quarterly for the moment on various platforms including Amazon and will be completely FREE. A paper version will also be available but there will be a cover price on that to cover printing costs.

Check out our website: www.spectralboo.co.uk

Talk Blyth Valley

We’re all smiles at Tickety Boo Press. Can you tell from our logo – haha!

We are open for business and intend to publish in various formats – online magazines – ebooks and paperbacks. The first is an ezine and forum dedicated to my town, Blyth, Northumberland.

I’m always passionate in what I do and I love the place I live in. Over the years it has had some bad press so with this site I want to create a community of town folk who will change that.

The online magazine, www.talkblythvalley.com will deliver the latest local news and have a discussion forum where we can squeeze the pips out of a topic. The only rule will be, “there are no rules,” however bad behavior and personal attacks won’t be tolerated. Sensible discussion is what we’re after.

I would say beware to the politicians. The people of Blyth Valley are ready to bite back. The new website will be live for the first of January 2013.

Good luck to everyone involved.