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Venus Ascending Signs New Author

Venus Ascending copyI am excited to announce our first acquisition for Venus Ascending. Skin Deep was submitted on request before we set the submissions window. I had seen this manuscript years ago, long before I started editing (Carolyn has a habit of writing amazing stories and then not sending them out to publishers). When we started VA I immediately thought of this book as perfect for the imprint, and asked Carolyn to send me a copy so that I could find out if it was as good as I remembered it.

It was as good as I remembered and more! It has a wonderful plot — part gritty dystopian SF and part love story — and terrific characters. What I didn’t remember was how beautifully it was written, with unadorned but exquisite prose. We’re aiming to publish this in the spring.

Further information and a cover reveal when we have a publication date.

New Cover for Teresa Edgerton’s Goblin Moon

Exciting times ahead. We have signed Teresa Edgerton in a two book deal and we’re going to re-publish her hugely successful Goblin Moon and the Gnome’s Engine; the latter being renamed Hobgoblin Night but with the added bonus of some short stories.

So as a consequence, it’s been busy busy busy in the Tickety Boo art department. Our creative elves have come up with a fantastic new cover for Goblin Moon. To save me rambling on and boring you too much; I’ll let the picture tell you what a thousand words couldn’t.