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New Children’s Imprint, Shy Bairns…

Shy Bairns logoIt is with great pleasure that we can announce an Imprint of Tickety Boo Press dedicated to Children’s stories.

Acquiring editor, Gary Compton said. “I am really excited about this. We’re going to be able to explore the science fiction and fantasy genres but through the eyes of a child.

And for my own story, Prince Smurphy-Murphy and the Chocolate Mushrooms to be the first published is a great honour. I never set out to write a children’s story back in 2006 when I started writing.

I was walking on the fields near where I live one day with Harvey and Murphy. There were two pigeons in a tree looking at each other in bafflement as Murphy chased Harvey round in circles. There the idea was born and now it’s going to print.”

Prince Smurphy Murphy-coverPrince Smurphy-Murphy and the Chocolate Mushrooms is based in the Seven Valleys up near Loch Ness. Within each valley lies a Dogdom and King Harvey rules over the Bassets who live in one of them. They ended up there after the last of the humans left. The Earth had been ruined and the planet was in decline but almost immediately Mother Nature fought back. Green shoots started to appear across the fields and valleys, flowers blossomed and trees sprouted foliage. The animals re-organised themselves – life was going to be good.

King Harvey garnered hundreds of Bassets and they headed north to the Seven Valleys where he had spent many a good time with the company of his now departed owners. The Basset Dogdom was established and they settled in to create a new life.

One day while walking out in Bracken woods, Professor Magoo, Prince Smurphy-Murphy’s slightly shorter twin brother, discovered an edible mushroom that tasted of chocolate. Back at his chocoboratory he ran some tests and indeed not only was it chocolate but it was doggy-chocolate. The delicacy quickly became a favourite of the royal household until one summer’s day the crop was poisoned.

There the story begins…

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