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Space Dock

Space Dock2

Paul P Corcoran, author of the Amazon best-selling ‘Saiph’ novels, has been appointed as Editor of Tickety Boo Press’ Space Dock Imprint.

Space Dock will be dedicated to finding and publishing new and established authors writing Space Opera, Military SF, Post-Apocalyptic, Time Travel and ‘Alien Worlds’ tales, and is perfectly situated to bring exciting, hard-hitting, character-driven novels to a constantly growing market.

Paul Corcoran is ideally suited to running Space Dock­ – not only has he served in the military in various roles, including security and intelligence, but his knowledge of the military and his love of Science Fiction have already combined into becoming a full-time career as a writer of action-packed SF.

Paul is looking for science fiction, particularly space opera in all sub-genres. We are looking for well-realized worlds, strong characterization and believable science.

At the moment, we are especially interested in post-apocalyptic, space opera, time travel and alien worlds.

We are particularly interested in novel submissions of approximately 70,000 to 100,000 words.

Email submissions to spacedock@ticketyboopress.co.uk are open now.  Please include “Attention: Paul” in the subject line, and the title of your book. Send us the first three chapters of your manuscript and a two page synopsis, as a Word document or in RTF, standard manuscript format, Times or Times New Roman, double spaced. We are looking at submissions now and will reply in the order received.

Please adhere to our submission guidelines; we will delete submissions which do not.

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