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Futuristic romance Beneath the Skin coming February 28 from Venus Ascending

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At Venus Ascending we are excited to be releasing this novel of romantic science fiction, by debut author Carolyn Hill.  Look for it February 28, 2017.

The ten great families of the “solaratti” hold such influence that even the galactic government hesitates to act openly against them, a power that has gained them unimaginable riches and allowed them to shape the fate of worlds.  Earth is an urban wasteland.  Other planets are being stripped of their resources.  Whole populations are caught in an endless cycle of hard labor and crushing debt, as the solaratti control the supply of food, medicines … everything necessary for survival.

Aleta Graham is a healer and empath, abilities that make her a useful pawn for the ruthless Dagarro family, who have addicted her to the drug known as Sand in order to keep her submissive. But Aleta is determined to overcome the influence of the drug, and make a desperate bid for freedom — even knowing that the penalty for disloyalty to the family is death.

Riven is a shapechanger, a computer genius, a spy sent by the government to destroy the power of the Dagarro.  His ability to take on multiple identities allows him to infiltrate to the heart of their stronghold. But his friendship with Aleta, rapidly developing into something much more, becomes a threat to his mission and to Riven himself.


The Beguiler: Fantasy Romance, February 28

Coming February 28, 2017 from Venus Ascending, The Beguiler by Suzanne Jackson.

Rebecca Vasteer has a dangerous secret: she’s a witch.

Men known as Rangers capture witches and hand them over to the public hangman to be hanged or burned, according to the law.  Or so most people believe.  But a secret branch of the Ranger organization conducts an illegal traffic, selling the most talented witches as slaves to wealthy families.

Betrayed by her brother, Rebecca flees her village, only to fall into the hands of Nicholas Jarrett  — witch trader, failed Ranger. At his country estate, he teaches her a new form of magic, less easy to detect.  But his motives are far from pure.  Once Rebecca completes her training she’ll be sold: profit for Nicholas and money for the Rangers.

But when Rebecca shows an unexpected talent for Beguiling, Nicholas feels his power over her — and over his own feelings — slipping away.

And his growing attraction for her, and Rebecca’s for him, may destroy them both.

Suzanne Jackson has written a darkly enchanting tale in the tradition of Jane EyreWuthering Heights, and other classics of gothic romance.  In February 2017, prepare to be beguiled!

Venus Ascending Signs a New Fantasy Novel

Venus Ascending copy

For our second acquisition of the year at Venus Ascending I am proud to announce a darkly romantic fantasy by debut novelist Suzanne Jackson .

Rebecca Vasteer has a dangerous secret: she’s a witch.

Witches like Rebecca fear Rangers — men with an ability to repel their magic — because Rangers capture witches and hang them. At least, that’s the law. But not all those convicted of witchcraft end up on the gallows. Traders secretly sell them. Rangers take others to be drained of their magic — a slow and painful death for the witch.

Betrayed by her own brother, Rebecca flees the village . . . only to fall into the hands of Traders. Instead of taking her back to face the gallows, as she expects, they spirit her away to Tarmain, a luxurious estate in the country.

Nicholas Jarrett —Trader, failed Ranger — insists that Rebecca remain there as his guest. But Rebecca knows better: she is his prisoner, and Nicholas her gaoler. He intends to train her in a magic more powerful, less easy to detect. His reasons, however, are hardly altruistic. Rebecca will be sold: profit for himself and money for the Rangers.

But will his growing attraction to Rebecca, and hers to him, destroy them both?

Look for it in late spring or early summer.

Teresa Edgerton announced as acquiring editor for new imprint Venus Ascending

Venus Ascending copyIn 2016 Tickety Boo Press will be unveiling a spellbinding line of fantasy and science fiction romance, under our new imprint Venus Ascending, headed by editor Teresa Edgerton.

What we are looking for: romance stories in well-realized fantasy, science fiction, or science fantasy settings — steampunk, gaslight/Regency, high fantasy, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, space opera, time travel, alien worlds, urban fantasy. Elements of romance and speculative fiction must both be integral to the plot. We are looking for strong characterization and are more interested in stories focussing on the development of a powerful emotional bond between the hero and heroine than in books with long scenes of graphic sex (which doesn’t mean that we are looking for books with no sex at all — contact us if you have questions about this).

Stories told in alternating viewpoints between the heroine and hero preferred, although we will consider stories told from the female viewpoint only. We are particularly interested in stories of approximately 90,000 to 100,000 words.

Submissions are open now.  Email them to venusascending@ticketyboopress.co.uk. Please include Attention: Teresa in the subject line, and the title of your book. Send us the first three chapters of your manuscript and a two page synopsis, as a Word document or in RTF, standard manuscript format, Times or Times New Roman, double spaced. We plan to start looking at submissions in January and will reply in the order received.