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Aliens – The Truth is Coming – Contributor Spotlight: Stewart Hotston

stewart-hotstonAliens: The Truth is Coming will be published on the 30th of November. This series of posts will introduce you to the authors who’s stories feature in the anthology. Next up, we have Stewart Hotston with his tale, “We Three Remain“.

We Three Remain” is a cat-and-mouse tale which explores what happens when the outclassed and hunted learn to fight back.

Stewart was abducted by aliens as a teenager but then returned when they realised just what a mistake they’d made. Having used the power of teenage angst to return to Earth, he spent the next few years growing up with a healthy disdain of anyone who said humanity’s destiny was among the stars. Instead he learned to pilot submarines only to give that up after watching The Abyss. Now he spends his time as a hermit far from civilisation in the hope that the aliens, when they return, will leave him well alone. Although if they’re reading this, he welcomes our new overlords and wishes them well.