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Venus Ascending Signs a New Fantasy Novel

Venus Ascending copy

For our second acquisition of the year at Venus Ascending I am proud to announce a darkly romantic fantasy by debut novelist Suzanne Jackson .

Rebecca Vasteer has a dangerous secret: she’s a witch.

Witches like Rebecca fear Rangers — men with an ability to repel their magic — because Rangers capture witches and hang them. At least, that’s the law. But not all those convicted of witchcraft end up on the gallows. Traders secretly sell them. Rangers take others to be drained of their magic — a slow and painful death for the witch.

Betrayed by her own brother, Rebecca flees the village . . . only to fall into the hands of Traders. Instead of taking her back to face the gallows, as she expects, they spirit her away to Tarmain, a luxurious estate in the country.

Nicholas Jarrett —Trader, failed Ranger — insists that Rebecca remain there as his guest. But Rebecca knows better: she is his prisoner, and Nicholas her gaoler. He intends to train her in a magic more powerful, less easy to detect. His reasons, however, are hardly altruistic. Rebecca will be sold: profit for himself and money for the Rangers.

But will his growing attraction to Rebecca, and hers to him, destroy them both?

Look for it in late spring or early summer.

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